Marylanders For Tax Fairness

**Marylanders for Tax Fairness: Fighting for Economic Equality**

Are you tired of feeling like you’re carrying the burden of Maryland’s tax system on your shoulders? Do you wish there was a group dedicated to fighting for economic equality and fairness in our state? Well, look no further because Marylanders for Tax Fairness is here to champion your cause!

**What is Marylanders for Tax Fairness?**

Marylanders for Tax Fairness is a grassroots organization that advocates for a more equitable and balanced tax system in Maryland. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to create a tax system that works for all Marylanders, not just the wealthy few. We believe that everyone should pay their fair share and that those with the most resources should contribute proportionally more to support our state’s infrastructure, education, and social programs.

**Our Priorities**

As advocates for tax fairness, we focus on several key priorities that we believe will lead to a more equitable and just tax system in Maryland. These priorities include:

1. Progressive Tax Reform

Progressive tax reform is at the heart of our mission. We believe that the tax burden should be proportional to income, with those who earn more paying a higher percentage of their income in taxes. Currently, Maryland has a progressive income tax system, but there is room for improvement. We advocate for policies that further increase the progressivity of the tax code, such as higher tax rates for the top income earners and closing loopholes that benefit the wealthy.

2. Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes

Corporate tax loopholes have become a pervasive issue in Maryland. Many large corporations avoid paying their fair share of taxes by exploiting loopholes in the tax code. This puts an unfair burden on individual taxpayers and small businesses. Marylanders for Tax Fairness supports initiatives to close these loopholes and ensure that corporations pay their fair share to support our state’s economy and public services.

3. Property Tax Relief for Working Families

Property taxes can be a significant financial burden for working families, especially in areas with skyrocketing housing costs. We advocate for property tax relief measures targeted at low- and moderate-income families to help ease their financial strain and ensure they can afford to remain in their homes. This includes proposals for increased homestead exemptions and targeted property tax credits.

4. Rebalancing Sales and Use Tax

Sales and use taxes can disproportionately impact low-income individuals and families. We believe in rebalancing the sales tax to reduce the burden on essential goods and services while ensuring that luxury or non-essential purchases are subject to a fair tax rate. This will help ensure that low-income Marylanders are not shouldering an unfair portion of the tax burden.

5. Advocating for Transparent and Accountable Tax Policies

Transparency and accountability are crucial to creating a fair tax system. Marylanders for Tax Fairness works to promote policies that ensure taxpayers understand how their tax dollars are being used and hold public officials accountable for their fiscal decisions. This includes advocating for clearer tax reporting requirements and greater public participation in the budgeting process.

**Frequently Asked Questions**

1. What makes Marylanders for Tax Fairness different from other tax reform groups?

Marylanders for Tax Fairness is a grassroots organization that is truly focused on the needs and interests of Maryland taxpayers. We are not driven by special interests or politically motivated agendas. Our priority is to create a tax system that benefits all Marylanders and fosters economic equality.

2. How can I get involved with Marylanders for Tax Fairness?

We welcome everyone who shares our vision for tax fairness in Maryland to join our cause. You can get involved by signing up for our newsletter, attending our events, volunteering your time, or making a donation to support our advocacy efforts. Visit our website to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference.

3. How will tax reforms advocated by Marylanders for Tax Fairness benefit me as an individual taxpayer?

Our tax reform proposals aim to create a more equitable system where the tax burden is distributed more fairly. This means that those with higher incomes and greater resources will contribute a larger portion of their income in taxes, while lower-income individuals and families will see targeted relief measures. By advocating for progressive tax reform, closing corporate tax loopholes, and rebalancing the sales tax, we strive to create a tax system that benefits all Marylanders, not just the wealthy few.

Final Thoughts

Marylanders for Tax Fairness is dedicated to fighting for a tax system that works for all residents of our great state. Through progressive tax reform, closing corporate tax loopholes, providing property tax relief, rebalancing sales and use tax, and promoting transparency and accountability, we strive to create a more equitable and just tax system. We invite you to join us in our mission and be a voice for tax fairness in Maryland. Together, we can make a difference and build a future where economic equality is a reality for all.

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